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Paul F Workman - Portrait of Syd Barrett

Portrait of Syd Barrett by Paul F Workman

An original painting based on Syd Barrett songs from Pink Floyd's debut album Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The portrait shows Syd set against a background of Grantchester Meadows with symbolic references to his songs from the first Pink Floyd album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn".

Paul F. Workman - Artist/Painter

My first encounter with Pink Floyd was at a concert on 20 June 1969 at Birmingham Town Hall – I’ve still got the ticket! With the mysterious appearance of an ape-man and a spaceman wandering around the auditorium, and pink smoke filling the hall to the accompaniment of “Saucerful of Secrets”, who wouldn’t be impressed, not least an artist.

The occasion led me to explore the first two albums and I’ve been a fan ever since. However, surmounting my appreciation of the Floyd, in all its guises, is my admiration for the music and song writing of Syd Barrett. Anyone who could write a song about a cat containing electric guitar - induced meowing (Lucifer Sam) and a two and a bit minute tune about a scarecrow with an extraordinary sense of gravitas, has got to have been someone special.

Perfection in anything comes along but rarely, but the one - take track “Feel”, from “The Madcap Laughs”, for me is just that.

I completed a number of paintings based on Syds songs for a small exhibition I held in 2007 to celebrate the anniversary of the release of “Piper”. Some of the pictures are offered for sale here.

I have been a full time artist since 1996 and my commissioned paintings have been mainly historical based subjects and portraits, though I am happy to depict all manner of things. I came across the “Portrait of a Young Man” by the Master of the View of St. Gudule in the National Gallery and I sort of ‘saw’ Syd in the composition, hence the format of my picture of him, set against a background of Grantchester Meadows.

I am always happy to discuss my work and welcome commission enquiries.

-Paul F. Workman https://paulfworkman.wordpress.com/

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