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Roasted Coffees

Each origin and roast style present their own individual personality in a cup of coffee. Central American beans provide balance and body to your cup. African coffees are characterized by fruity sweetness. Indonesian beans are earthy and rich. Dark roasted beans have a fuller flavor and less caffeine and light roasted coffees have higher acidic tones and retain more caffeine.

Costa Rican

Full-Bodied, Bright Richness


Mild & Aromatic with Balanced Acidity


Smooth Flavor, Medium Body
with Moderate Acidity


Aromatic & Sweet,
Mild Acidity & Full Flavor


Smokey, Rich with High Acidity
and Strong Body


Rich & Aromatic & Mild Acidity

House Blend

Our Flavorful House Blend

Moka Java

A Rich Blend of Sumatra and Ethiopia


Exotic, Sweet & Earthy

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